Monday, September 30, 2013

Good-Bye Summer

I love Summer!  I love everything about Summer!

No School (I love having the kids  around)

Flip-Flops (in every color)

Warm, Warmer, Warmest &
Down Right Roasting (I love it HOT)

Gardening (Vegetables, Flowers, fresh cut grass).

Pools, fishing, camping, hiking, bike riding

Hot dog roasting, S'more's, pink lemonade, tea parties, Popsicle's, picnics,

Beach, sand, boogie boards, snorkel & flippers, sunscreen (by the gallon)

So when Autumn comes......I hate to say Good-Bye to my friend Summer.
I do love living where I get to experience all 4 seasons....
but I do wish Summer was 9 months out of the year, 
then the other 3 months, one each for Spring, Fall & Winter.

So I will be putting the yard to bed for a 6 month rest, and focusing my attention inside (which could really use the attention after my Summer neglect). 

I do have a pile of quilting, painting, organizing that will be happy for my attention until once again, Summer comes to visit!

Farewell old Friend!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Savoring Life's Precious Moments

You know there comes a time in your life when you finally "GET IT"! 
Sometimes it is brought on by sad and tragic events whether it be illness, accident or death. 
At that point when you "GET IT" the world & all that is in it, looks & feels different.

You realign your priorities in all areas of your life.....personally, religiously, familial, professionally & socially.

I recognize that everything I choose to do, whether actively or passively, takes time from my day & either adds to the precious moments in my day or robs me of moments leaving me with empty gaps of nothingness where there should be rich memories.

Life is such a balancing act, every moment of every day trying to choose those things which are of lasting importance.

So my house may never be as clean and organized as I would like, it will never be styled & beautiful like the pictures I pin on Pinterest.  My yard will never be something in House & Garden, my closets will never be filled with the quilts of my daydreams.  Time in the house/garden/sewing room takes a back seat to Playing Lego's, Barbies, bike rides, teaching little people to sew & cook, Fixing them a huge bubble bath & watching them play in it.  Being on the ready for any number of other impromptu activities.

While there are many days I feel as if I will never get caught up, thankfully there are many more days that I smile as I recall & reflect on the many opportunities I am taking to savor life's truly precious moments.

Live in the present.....yesterday is gone & you can never get it back, tomorrow comes with no guarantees.  So live in the here and now! 

Sunday, April 21, 2013


I have been attending a wonderful weekly class which focuses on Preserving & cherishing your family history.  I hesitate to even call it a class as what it offers me could never be found in a formal class setting.  What the past 16 weeks have been for me is a spiritual feeding & life changing perception of what I felt family history was all about. 
I can say that "My heart has truly been changed". 

You know the feeling after you have been through a particularly challenging period of your life & your blessed with the opportunity to look back with fresh eyes, experience and maturity.  You now have the ability to connect all those seemingly un-connectible dots and see how they all relate to each other.  That is what this class did for me, it has offered me a grander view of the delicately interconnected aspects of family history in our pre-life, earth life & life after death.

Everything is about relationships & families!

Everything we did before, everything we do here & all we will do after this life is built on the family unit.  Family units start with an individual and increase in number in beautifully organized rings which radiate out from that individual.  Just like ripples in a pond after a pebble is tossed in, Perfect order as the ripples radiate outward creating larger and larger circles.  The family unit has always been and will always be.  We each belong to a something so much bigger than ourselves.

I realize now that I have a responsibility to my family members of past, present & future.  The more information & understanding we have about our family members & ourselves and the more information we preserve so that each family member is remembered, gives us each the opportunity to know & love them as we never would otherwise.

The great value comes when each person becomes a recognizable individual, connected by delicate family ties.  When we form true interpersonal relationships & our "Hearts" become connected. Our "Hearts" are changed.  Our "Hearts" are turned toward those family units.
We become better individuals, family members & members of society when we look at each others and stop thinking that what we do or who we are is inconsequential.

Each persons life has eternal value, each persons life send out ripples that effect the eternities.  We may never know the  volume of space a life occupies, we get a tiny glimpse of it when someone we love passes from this life.  Our thoughts of them occupy great amounts of space in our thoughts and actions as we try to fill the void left in our world by their demise.

So thank you Ann Lewis.....for your ability to connect with & speak to my spirit.  I will be forever changed by a 16 week class on family history that I really wasn't that excited about attending & pretty sure it was too much to ask for in my busy life.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Tweet, Tweet

I am so excited, I just spent 2 days hooking up to and trying out a new modem....

Thought that might be the problem to my Internet woes......

WRONG, so now I guess we will try a new Internet provider.
Why are the things that should be the simplest, usually the most complicated. 

Call me crazy but the thing that fuzzes me the most is...
It's keeping me from sewing.

So for today I will take a deep breath (it's been snowing and the air is crisp & glorious) I will sit in my studio,
sip caramel apple cider & watch the snow flakes fall.

Maybe I will put out some food for the little birds & watch
them flutter in for a winters day treat.

Ahhhh.....Maybe the Universe is telling me to applique' ?  or Cook :)

TaTa for now....  The Little Red Hen Quilts

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Life Lessons

Life has many stages and lessons that go along with each stage.  I find myself in the second half of my life (that is if I am lucky enough to live to 100), and approaching the holiday season again.  My kids know that Mom starts playing Christmas music around Halloween time.  I just can't get enough of it!

While my life may be like many others with it's challenges, heart aches, complicated relationships, disappointments & hardships, I feel determined to focus my energy on the joy, beauty & blessings which are even more abundant in my life. 

Everyday is a new opportunity waiting before us.  We choose the path the day will take with our attitude. 

My brother constantly tells his kids "I think you may need an attitude adjustment".  They don't appreciate it as much as I have come to.  I guess that is what I am looking to do for myself.  I am making an attitude adjustment.

I want to choose to be happier, more positive, more focused on the truly important things.  I want to choose to recognize the bounty around me & celebrate it.  I want the second half of my life to be focused on the simple abundance around me & hopefully it will be contagious to others.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Cluck, Cluck, Cluck

Can life get any crazier?  Now remember that is a rhetorical question:)
I have this frantic feeling in my being, I have not been in my sewing
room for a very long time.  I have a few deadlines looming and can't
quite get things together to mark much of anything off my list.

It occurs to me that things are out of control.  I love quilting because
it is a process, and a journey.  I love every part of the process, but lately
it has been all about the finished product. 
I have allowed it to become how do I get it back
to the way it is supposed to be, the way
I enjoy and fill my spirit. 

It's just like the story of the Little Red Hen, It seems everyone
is willing to eat the bread.....but what about everything it
takes to get to that point.  Humm...I guess I need to think
about that.

Until I find the solution, I'll be in the garden it's tomato harvest
time.  Enjoy the sunshine where ever you are....
If there isn't any.....Make some!

The Little Red Hen.....Quilts

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Welcome, Welcome

The first post is always the one most agonized about.
It seems I always feel that if I don't say the perfect thing,
choose my words carefully & set the appropriate tone,
somehow the blog will self destruct after spewing out
insults & chastisement for a job poorly done.
Well after saying that out loud, I might need some therapy....
Goody, Goody, the best therapy for me is an afternoon
in my garden and an evening in my sewing room.
See ya later!
The Little Red Hen Quilts......