Monday, September 30, 2013

Good-Bye Summer

I love Summer!  I love everything about Summer!

No School (I love having the kids  around)

Flip-Flops (in every color)

Warm, Warmer, Warmest &
Down Right Roasting (I love it HOT)

Gardening (Vegetables, Flowers, fresh cut grass).

Pools, fishing, camping, hiking, bike riding

Hot dog roasting, S'more's, pink lemonade, tea parties, Popsicle's, picnics,

Beach, sand, boogie boards, snorkel & flippers, sunscreen (by the gallon)

So when Autumn comes......I hate to say Good-Bye to my friend Summer.
I do love living where I get to experience all 4 seasons....
but I do wish Summer was 9 months out of the year, 
then the other 3 months, one each for Spring, Fall & Winter.

So I will be putting the yard to bed for a 6 month rest, and focusing my attention inside (which could really use the attention after my Summer neglect). 

I do have a pile of quilting, painting, organizing that will be happy for my attention until once again, Summer comes to visit!

Farewell old Friend!

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